Trim Head

Basic head grooming for hygiene and appearance purposes. The fur around the eyes and mouth is trimmed as well.

Tooth Brushing

Just like humans, pets need oral care too. Brushing your pet’s teeth will help prevent bad breath and tooth decay.

Shaving Of Sanitary Areas

A sanitary trim means clipping the fur around your pets’ rear area to provide adequate ventilation and ensure that the fur does not catch bodily wastes and bad odor.

Paw Pad Shaving

The fur in between the paws are shaved to reduce the risk of mats building upbetween them which may cause discomfort for your pets.

Nail Filing

The tips of the nails are filled to avoid them from becoming ragged or jaggedwhich may potentially cause injury or infection.

Nail Clipping

Since there are live nerves in your pets’ nails, it’s advisable to leave the nail clipping to us. The nails are clipped with care making it a comfortable experience for your pet.

Ear Plucking

The fur in the ears are plucked to avoid them from retaining water which may lead to infections.

Ear Cleaning

Ears are cleaned using a professional & sensitive solution to avoid infections.